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We can build you an online school from the ground up. From pictures to policies, basic and advanced teacher training to branding and course content to a full curriculum. We take your heart, energy and ethos and apply it to your own online school.

Benefits of having your own online school:

  • Welcome more students from across your own and other local education authorities - increasing revenue and supporting the students with personalised online learning support
  • Extend your brand reach across the UK and internationally
  • Measure student experience and the learning impact
  • Build an infrastructure you own
  • You can offer a wider range of courses in your chosen curriculum and others that compliment the learner experience
  • Plug-in tuition and small class support groups for vulnerable students.

Our Subscription Options

We offer...

  • Online learning design to suit your learners ages, abilities & aptitudes
  • All aspects of Branding, Web & Marketing
  • Assist you with gaining accreditation to offer any syllabus
  • Content creation for you and advice and guidance for future content
  • Full online tech system & support
  • Educator training
  • Learning Communities & Management
  • Success co-ordinator to support learner engagement - you can work with our team, or we can support and upskill your own
  • We can teach in your online school / cross over as you upskill

The project typically takes 4-6 months from start to finish and starts with us piloting the approach with a few students in your setting.


We will create the online school at the size and scale you need to support your students. They are the most important aspect of this and we do everything we can to support you and your teachers to give the best learning experience possible.

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