We build you your own online school. Easy tech, great student experience.

We strengthen your reach and reputation and make it easy for you to support students who struggle with school or need additional support.

  • Reach more students - welcome them to your school
  • Better engagement and learner outcomes
  • Partnership hybrid approach created with your teachers
  • Easy to use tech - your curriculum & your brand
  • Data & Insight driven - teacher & parent dashboards

Why Hybrid School works...

Mainstream school doesn't work for everyone and many children aren't in school full-time.

We know the challenges of teaching and running a school - budget management, learner outcomes, staffing, training, curriculum updates, planning etc... and then there's the students.

With your own online school, created in partnership with you, we help you to give a positive learning experience, consistency of education and extended reach to more students beyond your immediate region.

We also know you are performance driven, results focused, concerned about the stretching finances and want to stand out in amongst your peers. Let us build you your own, branded online school - so you focus on education and inspiration whilst we apply your heart, soul and values to an easy to use, experience and results driven tech solution.