Kate Carney - Co-Founder

It's well established that the education system doesn't work perfectly for all students of all abilities all across the world. The recent rise in online learning, not just as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, has brought with it new technologies that are focused on the students learning experience and how that works to benefit students, families and the global learning community.

As you probably know from our social media content, co-Founder Kirstin Coughtire and I are on a mission to transform education for students with additional needs. For the neurodiverse, for the misfits who don't fit within the traditional school system... and this number is growing. In June 2022 it was identified that, in the UK alone, 16.5% of all school pupils have special educational needs - those most likely to need an alternative approach to education. See the full report here.

We believe, that the answer to embedding learning, to helping all children to thrive is to connect to what makes them tick, their own passions, ambitions and personalise the learning experience to them.

Technology of 2022 is making that possible. With the use of AI, Augmented Reality, tracking learner engagement on screen and creating adaptable, engaging content to support the student being only a few ways that this personalisation is being played out in practice. Much like the Forbes article of 2016 (which feels a long time ago in EdTech terms) we believe, Education Unscaling is the answer.

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At Hybrid School we are partnering with inspirational and aspirational individuals, tech companies, educational establishments and communities to explore and develop this approach to unscaling education for the benefit of the students. We have our families and families who may be like yours who are seeing the challenges of the mainstream education system not working for our children on a daily basis and we are using this to fuel our mission.

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Kate Carney