Kate Carney - Co-Founder

Hybrid learning has become an increasingly popular solution for those looking to modernize their education and adapt to the changing landscape of the economy. Whether you are a student, parent, or educator, it is important to understand the benefits and challenges of hybrid learning - in the classroom and online learning and getting to grips with how these two worlds work together.

Fortunately for you, this is our bread and butter as we work with families and international schools around the world to bring British teachers and special educational needs support into the virtual learning world to complement what happens in the classroom.

One of the biggest benefits of hybrid learning is its flexibility, both in terms of time and space. With online and physical classes, students can have the best of both worlds - a creative and inspiring learning environment and community can be created for them online and in their physical classroom. This means that busy students, those with additional needs or families travelling the world, no longer need to find time to commute to school instead they can take their education on the move.

What is a 'Hybrid School'?

A hybrid school is a school which supports online and face to face learning. An increasing amount of 'mainstream' schools around the world are looking to blend learning styles to give students the best possible learning experience, so they can benefit from teaching, curriculum and other cultures around the world. By creating different learning environments, working with educators from online schools like Gaia Learning and accessing a global curriculum like Cambridge, small, international, fee-paying schools can embed British teachers into their physical classroom via clever tech and a well co-ordinated curriculum and resources.

What is the benefit to the student of a Hybrid School?

Hybrid learning can help students from a range of backgrounds with different experiences, abilities and ambitions. By embracing online learning in a physical classroom, the student can become part of a global virtual community meeting other learners from around the world. This exciting, virtual community can discuss content of local and global significance which is then supported and facilitated in discussions within a physical classroom. Learning from other students around the world gives students an additional, unique perspective on subjects they may not have perviously considered. For those students with additional needs, online learning as part of a Hybrid School often gives students more time, space, dedicated resources and 1:1 learning time they wouldn't have within a busy classroom.

How do I set up a Hybrid School?

We have been working (through Gaia Learning) with schools around the world since 2019 teaching students online in small classes and with 1:1 support. If you're looking to embrace online learning into your physical school please get in touch. We will discuss with you the most appropriate subjects to be taught online, class sizes, timetables and costs. Book a call with us to find out more.

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